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Predefinito What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality

Imagine a moment when you make eye contact with your partner on the first date and be able to tell right away what his personality is. It may sound boring, but it's obvious that. “The eye is the window to the heart.” Scientific evidence is supported. Even though humans can't analyze your personality yet, artificial intelligence (AI) can do it, and believe it or not, your eyes can say a lot about your personality.

A new study has found that artificial intelligence machines can accurately predict a person's personality by observing rolling eyes while they're working. Researchers began entering 50 volunteer questions to analyze basic personality traits, divided into five large personality traits: openness to experience. Meticulousness Emotional instability Compassion And attention to outside things After analyzing the participants' personalities through a questionnaire, the volunteers were required to perform a mission while wearing headphones to track their eyeball movements so that the artificial intelligence machine could accurately analyze individual personalities. In addition to the results obtained from the test, the researchers further explained that their findings will allow future robots and other forms of artificial intelligence to have more social interactions with humans, or perhaps. To the point of reading the other person's mind at all But you don't want to be easily read by robots or artificial intelligence, do you? Most people fear that the technology will violate their privacy. Of course, you may have seen similar technological developments at Google or at some airports where eye scanning could soon replace boarding passes.

Just thought that an eye scan can capture details about your personality, is it creepy .. right? However, you can still hide one personality from the robot's analysis. That is openness to experience, because in the study wrote that “There is no connection between openness and the movement of the eyeball.” But if this detail gives you the relief that no one can read your mind out of view, just think again. Even your selfies can reveal your personality. Studies have shown that other people can predict your personality based on your selfies. If you're starting to get goosebumps, be glad that we also have sunglasses that can hide those eyes that can reveal that pair.

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