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Predefinito Characteristics Like Create A Team

I thought OSRS was dying though? Dying to be booted up by thousands and thousands of nerds amirite. Having started playing with school because of lockdown I am astonished at how good RuneScape is. Thus much content. I didn't know it was so good. Now that I've got 100 battle, quest Cape, all hard diaries (lockdown has been successful ), I don't see myself stopping when I can begin leaving the house again tbh. I wonder how many men and women are in the same boat. Need to finish up full elite void and 70 RC for many 70 stats, and then I will be glad.

I am not as far along as you personally but I sense same, just got membership for first time and don't plan to stop.Wow we are almost at the exact same spot in our progression. I've been loving it but today I'm considering what there's to do next and it feels like what points to"move grind some thing indefinitely to make enough bank and purchase endgame equipment. Get 99s on how". I've slowed down cause it is a tiny overwhelming.I believe I enjoy slayer too much honestly, feels like the principal part of RuneScape for me personally.

Have 4 diaries completed through hard, but can not find any motivation to go work on others, bother with the rest of the quests (pretty much all easy ones too aside from the arm questline and frem exiles). I'll get on and try to find out some progression, knock out"only 1 or two jobs", and end up grinding slayer for hours, particularly if I get smoke devils / hydra currently, because those are the 2 big pet searches im focused on atm. Not certain what ill do after im 99 slayer and stop gaining lvs in my combat stats also.... The development is a significant part of why I like slaying, always making profits on my cb skills. Idk what im even becoming at honestly, I think mainly I want the skilling aspects of RuneScape were more in depth and attractive, since I feel like theres a huge portion of RuneScape I simply can't get into. I wish there were more actions like that for skills that are other, more interesting, and sulliusceps are one example that I completely enjoyed / less afk skilling activities.

What is the maximum Mr. KRABS"way/thing" you have ever done on RS to conserve gp?

This isn't saving GP, however it's a Mr. Krabs item: Pick up anything lost from the GE and then sell it. Other then mine armor, Smith my weapons and my ore, chop/craft/light my logs. I made my very own trimmed masterwork set from scratch. I am not an ironman. Don't do what I did. I did this and I do not regret it. Granted, I purchased the Malevlolent to generate the trim, but I broke used my own set of Torva, mined most of my own ore, and smithed everything myself. Dare I say it gave me a feeling of achievement and pride.

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