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Predefinito Which was the single largest influence on quitting RuneScape

A lot of these accounts are RS gold bought/stolen and utilized to money than the accounts was paid for. They may eventually become banned, but its near impossible for them all to get caught until they've scammed/lured on them.The best thing that the community can do is try to assist other/newers RuneScape players that may be falling for these scams, but also understand that anything sounding too good to be true IS too good to be true, and never bring your things to a PVP world/over the wilderness ditch/drop your items. If you're currently following those measures, you can't get scammed. But greed takes charge of RuneScape players. (the majority of the community at SOME point in their RS livelihood as gotten conned ).

Then everybody else wants to try it. I got once I was 12 for addy that I just got that day out of my cousin and I said scammed. I see a sir pugger antilure movie and I'm like ha I can do this. Zoop 2M gone since the scammer knew concerning the antilure and had a counter to it. Never again I said. Do not try antiluring. He said to follow the scam and keep him informed on each step so he could report to the jagged team"the newest scam suggestions".

So together with the reassurance of this RuneScape player Moderator my personality and my items will be secure I followed the scam reporting every step to the moderator. After the scam happened the RuneScape player Moderator didn't return any of my messages and blocked me. I was surprised that a RuneScape player Moderator would stoop so low, which was the single largest influence on quitting RuneScape. I reported the scammer along with the RuneScape participant Moderator, but I never received any feed back on the report.

Wish I saw this article before, I have scammed from some really nice gear last night and I really feel like the biggest idiot for it. I'm only coming back to RuneScape following 10 decades and didn't understand how prevalent this is now and the way other RuneScape players can be. Makes me feel like crap and makes me wonder if I made a mistake if this is exactly what the neighborhood is like today coming back. I've never been scammed before in all my years of playing, I guess now I understand when a high level RuneScape player claiming they're a famed Twitch streamer says they are making a video and asks you to give them your equipment so they may give you something better, do not do it, even if they swear on their life that they may be trusted and they won't run away with your own stuff.

Feels so stupid now in hindsight but now I just had a really good feeling of her and thought she officially just looked like a kind person who was just hoping to earn an interesting video about assisting a newer RuneScape participant. But nope, she took me to the G.E. since she said she was going to get me a nice fight ring, then she tucked out. She was only selling my things there. I perform RS to buy rs gold paypal try and find a rest in the overwhelming negativity in the world, feels so bad understanding even RuneScape I used to love so much has some of this also.
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