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Predefinito True or not? "Keeping social distance" can weaken the immune system.

For months now, people around the world have tried or were ordered to maintain their social distance. To prevent the spread of new corona virus strains But not getting close to others for a long time Causing the question Can the immune system in a person be weakened as well?
How to socialize during "COVID-19" to be safe and far from disease
The Associated Press asked an expert and answered "no" because even though we had to keep a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters, or spend most of our time indoors. The human body continues to react to a myriad of bacteria and germs. That are common both indoors and outdoors.
Akiko Iwasaki, Immune Researcher According to Yale University, because people are constantly exposed to many microbes. So the immune system must be active all the time.
In addition, Iwasaki pointed out that all the vaccines that people have been given since childhood, as well as their constant build-up of their immunity are long-lasting. And will not disappear overnight easily Just because we have to keep our distance from others during this pandemic crisis.
However, experts recommend people who need to strengthen their immune system during the COVID-19 outbreak. Still in progress Keep practicing certain habits, such as stress management. Healthy eating Exercising regularly And getting enough sleep, Iwasaki emphasized that these factors are more influencing the immune system. ambbet
And finally For the coming winter. Getting vaccinated against seasonal flu Is something that can help protect yourself from another illness as well
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